The best AI writers of 2023 reviewed by writers

As artificial intelligence advances, more and more AI writing tools are becoming available to content creators.

But with so many options to choose from, how can you be sure which one is the best?

We’ve tried and tested a bunch, here’s our opinion.

Copymatic: Best all-round AI writer

Copymatic logo

Copymatic is an excellent tool for authors, small business owners, and the general public. Because of the sheer number of tools accessible and the diversity of capabilities provided, Copymatic will be useful to almost everyone.

That’s why it’s our AI writing tool of choice.

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Jasper: Best AI writer for long form content and blog posts

Jasper logo

Without a doubt, Jasper is the most effective artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool currently accessible. It’s a fantastic choice for any content creator, but particularly for perfectionists among them. There are, however, cheaper alternatives that may be preferable for content creators on a tighter budget.

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WordHero: Best AI writer for novels, short stories and other fiction

WordHero logo

WordHero is a user-friendly and reasonably priced alternative for AI writing assistance. WordHero is a wonderful option for all types of writers, however creative writers will benefit from it more than other types.

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Hypotenuse AI: Best AI writer for students writing essays and academic writing, and journalists

Hypotenuse AI logo

A fantastic tool for students, academics and journalists, Hypotenuse AI is also a top pick for copywriters. While their factual accuracy technology is at the forefront of AI development, it is not yet flawless but is still the best out there.

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Frase: Best AI writer for SEO

Frase logo

Although Frase may not provide a wide range of writing tools, it does offer specialized and distinctive capabilities like its research functionality and SEO tools.

In light of this, Frase is a fantastic option if you’re wanting to develop SEO optimized content utilizing AI due to its thorough SEO metrics as well as an Integrated SEO-like tool for optimization.

Frase does include some marketing features for the typical user, but it may not be the greatest option if you’re looking for an AI writer that is more marketing-oriented.

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Anyword: Best short-form copy AI writer for email and social media

Anyword logo

Anyword is a marketing-focused AI writer with one of the most extensive libraries of AI marketing features.

Its copy analytics feature may be useful for analyzing the audience for whom the AI is creating content and predicting how well the copy will perform.

Overall, Anyword is an excellent tool for individuals who need to produce a wide range of content. It is not, however, the ideal option for individuals who primarily want to produce long-form content.

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Copysmith: Best general AI writer for marketers

Copysmith logo

Copysmith is one of the most complete AI writers available, with a wide range of capabilities suitable for most authors.

Its concentration on copywriting has led in some of the greatest copywriting tools, with its Product Description and Bulk features standing out.

Overall, Copysmith is an excellent alternative for marketers and copywriters alike, and it is suitable for individuals who want short-form writing such as product descriptions and advertisements.

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Rytr: Best budget AI writer

Rytr logo

Although Rytr is a lesser-known AI writer, it offers many of the same capabilities as top AI writers but for a fraction of the price. As compared to other AI writers on the market, even Rytr’s Unlimited subscription is quite inexpensive.

It’s a particularly good choice for people searching for short-form material or a tool to help them overcome writer’s block. Nevertheless, if you want to create long-form material, you should go elsewhere.

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Writesonic: Most comprehensive AI writer

Writesonic is one of the most complete AI writers available, with a profusion of capabilities and detailed guides for each.

It is an excellent solution for people who need to do a variety of tasks ranging from blogging to copywriting.

Check out our full Writesonic review. Best unlimited plan for teams who need an AI writer is a good option because of its affordable pricing, infinite text production, and large range of tools and templates. is an excellent solution for teams of writers that create a lot of short-form material.

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