Copysmith review: the marketer’s choice

There are many AI writers out there, and some are geared toward content creation in general while others focus more on copywriting—writing with a marketing focus. 

In the case of Copysmith, it is safe to say that it is geared towards marketers. While it does have some classic blog writing tools, most are geared towards some form of marketing whether that be product descriptions or creating ads.

With that in mind, we have decided to write a comprehensive review of Copysmith and whether or not it is worth using.


Copysmith has an impressive list of around 60 different features.

Notable Features

Product Description—The Product Description feature is one of Copysmith’s most popular. It is one of the more in-depth features out there when compared to other AI writers. The inputs include the company name, brand keywords, product name, product characteristics, tone, and even keywords to avoid. What makes this feature especially helpful is that it includes a tool that will help you find SEO keywords related to your product.

Landing Pages—Creating SEO landing pages that are also great at converting potential customers into customers can be difficult. The Landing Page feature can help with that by generating a complete landing page based on a couple of inputs. While not perfect, it can at the very least serve to create the basic framework of the landing page.

Sales Email Generator—Creating personal emails is usually key to making a successful sale or landing a new client. Though it may seem odd, Copysmith is able to create personalized emails with the tone of your choosing which is great for those who may write multiple emails a day and wants to save time. 

Product Review Replies—The Product Review Replies feature is great for those who need to reply to customers’ reviews, concerns, or even questions. All you have to do is copy and paste the review into the input field and the AI will generate several responses that you can choose from.

Ad Ideas—Coming up with different ad ideas can be hard. The Ad Ideas feature can help get your creative juices flowing by generating a lot of different ad idea possibilities.

Copysmith's ad ideas tool

Content Rewriter—If your content needs a fresh feel or needs to be rewritten, then the Content Rewriter feature can be of great help.

Blog Kickstarter—The Blog Kickstarter feature is ideal for those suffering from writer’s block. It first takes your topic and generates a lot of blog ideas. After choosing an idea, it will then generate multiple outline ideas that you can choose from. Then, after choosing an outline, it will generate a full blog.

Article Summary—If you want to summarize the ideas in an article for a social media post or some other application, then the Article Summary feature can help. 

Listicle—Listicles are a popular form of content, but it can be hard to come up with a complete list surrounding a topic. The Listicle feature can help with this by generating lists related to a topic of your choosing.

Event Press Release—The Event Press Release feature can generate a press release about an event your company will be having.

Content Ideas—If you’re struggling to come up with new ideas for content, then the Content Ideas feature can help out by generating multiple ideas for you to choose from.

FAQ Ideas—The FAQ Ideas feature is great for generating possible questions that your customers might ask.

Content Expander—The Content Expander takes an idea or short piece of text and expands it which can then be used in a variety of ways from product descriptions to an introduction of a blog.

Bulk Copy—Copysmith has a tool that allows all of its features to generate content in bulk. So, for example, you could have the Product Description feature generate hundred and even thousands of descriptions with a click of a button.

Integrations—Copysmith comes with multiple optional integrations such as Google Ads, frase, Shopify, and more.

Art Studio—If you want to create AI-generated images, then the Art Studio feature can do that for an additional $15 a month.

Custom Generator—The Custom Generator feature allows users to train the AI to write in a certain style of their choosing.

Other Features

Copysmith is full of many other features that are either very specific or are less likely to be used. Here is the full list:

  1. Social Media Captions
  2. Brand Essence
  3. Amazon Product Description
  4. Instagram Product Description
  5. Unique Value Proposition
  6. Sales Email Subject Lines
  7. Short Email Marketing Template
  8. eBay Product Description
  9. Etsy Product Description
  10. Flipkart Product Description
  11. Social Media Captions
  12. Facebook Ad 
  13. Ad Headlines
  14. Google Ad
  15. Instagram Ad
  16. LinkedIn Ad Text
  17. Carousel Ad
  18. Blog Title
  19. Content Enhancer
  20. Editor
  21. Blog Intro
  22. Blog Ideas
  23. Blog Outline
  24. Bullet Point Expander
  25. SEO Metatag
  26. Taglines
  27. Brand Essence
  28. Unique Value Proposition
  29. Pitch Yourself
  30. Event Press Release
  31. Pain Benefit Solution
  32. AIDA Framework
  33. YouTube Video Description
  34. Before After Bridge
  35. Growth Ideas

Pros and Cons

Copysmith does have its fair share of pros and cons including:


Integrations & Apps—Copysmith has many helpful integrations like the keyword generator—frase—and also the Google Docs integration. On top of that, there are different apps you can download like its own Chrome Extension and MS Word app.

Bulk Copy—The Bulk Copy feature is unique among other AI writers and allows larger businesses to create copy on a large scale which will end up saving a lot of time compared to generating pieces of copy one at a time.

Plenty of Features—Copysmith has an impressive number of features that are comprehensive enough to fulfill most writers’ needs.

Create & Explore—The Create & Explore feature allows users to create their own features and use features that others have made. This gives users an even larger library of customized features to use.


User Interface—While the user interface is easy to navigate, many of the features require a number of steps to be filled out one at a time. Unfortunately, users cannot see all the steps at one time and instead have to fill them out “blindly” without knowing what the next step is. This may not be a problem for most users, but it can be annoying not knowing what the following steps are.

Generation Time—Most AI writers generate content in a matter of seconds; however, Copysmith tends to take longer and sometimes the page needs to be refreshed to “reboot” the generation process.

Subpar Content—While all AI writers suffer from subpar content, Copysmith seemed to produce content that lacked proper sentence structure and grammar more often than other AI writers.

How does Copysmith work?

After creating an account, you’ll be directed to the Copysmith dashboard with various options on the left-hand side to go to different pages.

Copysmith's features

The “Create” page hosts all of Copysmith’s features. Once you find a feature that you want to use, all you have to do is click “create” and follow a step-by-step process that can vary depending on the feature.

Copysmith's product description tool

Once a project is created, you’ll be directed to the generation page where there will be a list of needed inputs on the left and the generation on the right. 

Copysmith's marketing copy generator

Lastly, once the content has been generated, it can be edited, bookmarked, saved, rated, and even published onto your integrations like Google Docs. 


Copysmith's pricing

There are five different plans, four of which are paid versions:

  • Free Trial—The Free Trial is activated automatically once an account is created and allows users to test out Copysmith’s features for seven days. After seven days, a paid plan will need to be purchased.
  • Starter—The Starter plan includes 20,000 words of generated content along with 20 plagiarism checks.
  • Professional—The Professional Plan includes 80,000 words of generated content along with 100 plagiarism checks.
  • Start Up—The Start Up plan has a customizable amount of included words along with many other benefits like having bulk imports and exports.
  • Custom Enterprise—As the name suggests, the Custom Enterprise plan allows large businesses to have a customized plan and quote that it tailored to their needs.

It should also be noted that annual subscriptions get a discount whereas monthly subscriptions do not.


As with most AI writers, Copysmith has a variety of languages that it can write in including:

  1. English
  2. Afrikaans
  3. Albanian
  4. Amharic
  5. Arabic
  6. Armenian
  7. Azerbaijani
  8. Basque
  9. Belarusian
  10. Bengali
  11. Bosnian
  12. Bulgarian
  13. Catalan
  14. Cebuano
  15. Chichewa
  16. Chinese (Simplified)
  17. Chinese (Traditional)
  18. Corsican
  19. Croatian
  20. Czech
  21. Danish
  22. Dutch
  23. Esperanto
  24. Estonian
  25. Filipino
  26. Finnish
  27. French
  28. Frisian
  29. Galician
  30. Georgian
  31. German
  32. Greek
  33. Gujarati
  34. Haitian Creole
  35. Hausa
  36. Hawaiian
  37. Hebrew
  38. Hindi
  39. Hmong
  40. Hungarian
  41. Icelandic
  42. Igbo
  43. Indonesian
  44. Irish
  45. Italian
  46. Japanese
  47. Javanese
  48. Kannada
  49. Kazakh
  50. Khmer
  51. Kinyarwanda
  52. Korean
  53. Kurdish (Kurmanji)
  54. Kyrgyz
  55. Lao
  56. Latin
  57. Latvian
  58. Lithuanian
  59. Luxembourgish
  60. Macedonian
  61. Malagasy
  62. Malay
  63. Malayalam
  64. Maltese
  65. Maori
  66. Marathi
  67. Mongolian
  68. Myanmar (Burmese)
  69. Nepali
  70. Norwegian
  71. Odia (Oriya)
  72. Pashto
  73. Persian
  74. Polish
  75. Portuguese
  76. Punjabi
  77. Romanian
  78. Russian
  79. Samoan
  80. Scots Gaelic
  81. Serbian
  82. Sesotho
  83. Shona
  84. Sindhi
  85. Sinhala
  86. Slovak
  87. Slovenian
  88. Somali
  89. Spanish
  90. Sundanese
  91. Swahili
  92. Swedish
  93. Tajik
  94. Tamil
  95. Tatar
  96. Telugu
  97. Thai
  98. Turkish
  99. Turkmen
  100. Ukrainian
  101. Urdu
  102. Uyghur
  103. Uzbek
  104. Vietnamese
  105. Welsh
  106. Xhosa
  107. Yiddish
  108. Yoruba
  109. Zulu

Final Thoughts

Copysmith is one of the more comprehensive AI writers out there, featuring a variety of features that can accommodate most writers.

Its emphasis on creating copy has resulted in it having some of the best copywriting tools, with its Product Description and Bulk features being notable examples.

Overall, Copysmith is a prime choice for marketers and copywriters alike and is ideal for those needing short-form content like product descriptions and ads. 

Copysmith review: final thoughts

Overall, Copysmith is a prime choice for marketers and copywriters alike and is ideal for those needing short-form content like product descriptions and ads. 

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Cloud

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