Winston AI review: the best new AI content detector?

If you’ve watched any news at all over the last few months, you’ll know that AI writing programs are getting more popular and more powerful seemingly by the day. This means that more people will be writing with AI and that it will be harder for people to identify when text is written by AI. 

Being unable to detect AI written content could be a nightmare for academia, website administrators, and traditional writers. Thankfully, there is a way to detect AI written content. It’s just not covered as much in the news. 

What the news has covered a lot less than AI writing tools is that AI content detectors are also growing in popularity and strength. Companies like Google and even ChatGPT creators OpenAI are using AI detection software. 

In addition to the big corporate names, there are also smaller companies out there for individuals to use. We have already written about one of the best AI content detectors, like Originality.AI.Today, we’ll tell you about another AI content detector called Winston AI.

Winston AI is a paid AI detection program that claims 99% accuracy. It isn’t one of the bigger names among AI content detectors, but as you’ll see in our Winston AI review, Winston AI deserves to be mentioned among the best AI content detection tools. 

Winston AI background

Winston AI was released just earlier this year in February 2023. Because of this, Winston AI uses the most cutting edge AI content detection methods, such as pattern recognition, originality scoring, and more. 

Winston AI also uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. This technology allows Winston AI to analyze both handwritten and digital documents. Once converted to a digital form using OCR technology, Winston AI scans the document to see whether it was written using AI.

Winston AI claims its technology can detect AI written content from AI writing programs, like, Copymatic, and ChatGPT. Winston AI programmers even claim it can detect text created using GPT-4, which is the newest and most comprehensive AI text generation model in the world. 

Winston AI key features

In addition to the broad strokes we covered above, here are some of the other features Winston AI offers:

  • Extremely Accurate AI detector – Winston AI claims 99% accuracy at detecting AI-generated content
  • Simple layout that allows for easy organization of lots of documents
  • Plagiarism detector – lets you make sure work is unique as well as human-generated 
  • AI prediction map – Shows you specifically what Winston AI flagged as being AI content
  • Supports all popular NLP methods
  • Can analyze text in English and French (Spanish and German on the way)
  • API access allowing people to create unique apps using Winston AI programming
  • Flexible team plan – large teams can all work under one account

Winston AI price

Winston AI is a subscription service offering monthly and annual plans. Monthly plans cost $18/month and allow you to scan up to 80,000 words per month. This breaks down to $0.0225 cents per word. In our opinion, this is a little on the expensive side when it comes to AI content detectors, but we also should keep in mind Winston AI also includes plagiarism detection services. 

On average, an annual Winston AI subscription will save you 25% compared to paying for a monthly subscription over the course of the year. Of course, you have to pay your entire annual subscription up front. Annual subscriptions cost $168/year.

If you think you will scan more than 80,000 per month, you can contact Winston AI for a custom plan.

Winston AI also has a seven-day free trial period. During this free trial period, you can scan up to 2,000 words. 

Human text test result: Pass

While AI content detectors’ main goal is to identify AI text. The other side of that coin is being able to recognize human-generated text. Falsely labeling human-generated text as AI text can have disastrous consequences, especially in academia where a student’s academic career can be derailed over accusations of plagiarism and/or using AI.

We tested multiple high-school and undergraduate level essays for this review. Winston AI recognized each of these essays as human-generated, and did so with great certainty. Each essay was given a 99% score. 

AI text test result: Pass

Now that we know how Winston AI performed with human-generated text, let’s take a look at how Winson AI handles AI-generated text. To do this, we tested content from multiple AI generators, including ChatGPT.

All texts were identified to be AI-generated. The highest human score an AI-generated received a very low score of 33%.. 

The results of this test are what we would expect, considering Winston AI’s own testing. According to those in-house tests, Winston AI detects AI text with 99% accuracy. Our tests for this Winston AI review are obviously not as thorough as Winston AI’s own, but we think our tests are indicative of just how good Winston AI is. 


Winston AI is a great AI detection tool. It is a little expensive compared to other premium AI content detectors, but we think it is well worth the price.

With Winston AI, you get a detailed AI report, a plagiarism detector, and the peace of mind of knowing text was not created by AI.

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Winston AI: final thoughts

Winston AI is a great AI detection tool. It is a little expensive compared to other premium AI content detectors, but we think it is well worth the price. With Winston AI, you get a detailed AI report, a plagiarism detector, and the peace of mind of knowing text was not created by AI.

Price: $18 per month / $168 per year

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Cloud

Application Category: BusinessApplication

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How much does Winston AI cost?

Winston AI costs $18/month or $168/year for 80,000 words per month. More words per month requires speaking to Winston AI staff about a custom plan.

How accurate is Winston AI?

Winston AI claims to accurately detect AI-generated text 99% of the time. 

Does Winston AI work for other languages?

Currently, Winston AI can scan text written in English or French. Spanish and German are the next languages to be added to Winston AI’s program.

Is Winson AI worth it?

Yes. In our opinion, Winston AI is a very comprehensive and complete AI content detector that is well worth the price.

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