The best AI SEO writing method that passes AI detection

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This AI writing technique, according to Success With AI, will “stun” you and “blows away every other writer” including Jasper, Writesonic, etc.

Here’s a walkthrough on using this technique to create a blog post with the keyword ‘Chat GPT SEO’. AI detection score
The final output also passes AI content detection by

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You will need:

Zimmwriter SEO Blog Writer screenshot


  1. Research keywords around your target keyword using Surfer SEO or your tool of choice.
  2. Open ZimmWriter and fill out the H2s using your researched keywords. You can manually type them, click the ‘Try Method #2’ and let GPT generate them for you, or you can paste your keywords into the Method #3 box and let GPT generate them for you.
  3. Select your H2 section length. If you don’t know what to choose then medium is fine.
  4. Select your voice if necessary.
  5. Enable literary devices, lists, FAQ (recommended), tease, boost chance of detection as desired.
  6. Select your audience if necessary.
  7. Add a name to the ‘Write in the style of’ box if necessary.
  8. Adjust the number of keywords per subheading section if necessary (3 is probably best)
  9. Leave automatic keywords unchecked.
  10. Paste your keywords in the Manual Keywords box (important).
  11. Click ‘Start SEO Writer’ and wait a few minutes.
  12. Once it’s done, copy and paste the output into Surfer SEO or your text editor of choice. Format your headers into H2s, H3s, etc., and your lists into lists, etc.

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