Simplified Review: the best all-in-one AI tool

The AI writing tool market has exploded following the popularization of AI writing programs, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This rapid growth has led to a bit of an oversaturated market where it can be hard to differentiate between the many AI writing tools out there. 

This has led to developers doing whatever they can to differentiate themselves from their competition. Companies, like Article Forge, are going about this by using their own unique AI models instead of OpenAI’s GPT-3. Others, like Jasper.AI, are trying to leverage their first-to-market advantage to maintain their status as the best AI writing tool. 

Some AI writing companies are going about differentiating themselves with a far more ambitious approach. Simplified is one of those companies. 

Simplified is a four-in-one content creation tool. One of the four pillars Simplified offers is an AI writing tool. The others are, graphic design, video editing and animation, and social media management tools. 

In our opinion, Simplified lives up to what it claims to be. Simplified provides users with a comprehensive all-in-one experience that is especially useful for teams of content creators. For individuals, Simplified’ “Forever Free” plan works great, provided you’re not planning on doing too much. 

Simplified Features

Because Simplified offers so many different products, we’ll break our Simplified review into four parts. We’ll primarily focus on its AI writing tool to start, and then get into the rest of what Simplified has to offer. 

Before getting into the tool-specific features, here are some of the more general Simplified features:

  • Slack-like chat with teamspaces and direct messaging
  • Cloud storage (amount changes depending on your plan)
  • Tutorials and guides

AI writing tools

Simplified has over 90 AI writing templates as a part of their AI writing tools offerings. Many of these tools are geared towards content creators, such as the TikTok/Reels script tool. Other tools, like the Blog Wizard, are useful for all kinds of writers and internet entrepreneurs. 

A few of Simplified's writing templates

The full list of Simplified AI writing templates includes:

  • Blog ideas+titles
  • Blog outline
  • Blog introduction
  • Blog section completer
  • Blog conclusion paragraph
  • AIDA framework
  • AI presentation
  • Amazon product features
  • AI presentation
  • Amazon product features
  • Amazon product listing
  • Amazon product reviews
  • Amazon product title
  • App notification
  • Article summarizer
  • Article writer
  • Ask a question
  • Before-after-bridge
  • Blog Wizard (blog writer)
  • Cancellation email
  • Company bio
  • Confirmation email
  • Congratulatory email
  • Content rewriter
  • Customer testimonials
  • Email subject
  • Essay writer
  • Event promotion email
  • Event promotion poster
  • Expand this text
  • Explain a concept to my three year old
  • Express your feelings
  • Facebook ad headlines
  • Facebook ad primary text
  • FAQ answers
  • FAQ questions
  • Feature-advantage-benefit
  • Follow-up email
  • Freestyle template
  • Google ads
  • Hashtags generator
  • Image generator
  • Job description
  • Job seeking cold email
  • Landing page
  • Landing page section content
  • Landing page subheading
  • LinkedIn ads
  • LinkedIn invitation
  • LinkedIn profile
  • One-liner description
  • Pain-agitate-solution
  • Paragraph writer
  • Performance review template
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • Photo captions
  • Presentation section outline
  • Product description
  • Product growth plan
  • Product mission
  • Product motto
  • Product name generator
  • Product promotion headlines
  • Product value proposition
  • Question maker
  • Reduce this paragraph
  • Rejection email
  • Review request email
  • Review responder
  • Sales demo cold email
  • Sales pitch script
  • Sentence expander
  • Simplified blog co-pilot
  • Social media quotes
  • Start-up idea generator
  • Subheading
  • Survey email
  • The 4P’s of marketing
  • TikTok/Reels script
  • Tweet writer
  • Website meta description
  • Website meta keywords
  • Website meta title
  • Welcome email
  • Write for me
  • YouTube Shorts script
  • YouTube video description
  • YouTube video ideas
  • YouTube video intro
  • YouTube video outline
  • YouTube video tags
  • YouTube video titles

Graphic design tools

Simplified’s graphic design tools also include a variety of templates. You can choose from hundreds of templates created by other Simplified users and the Simplified team, or you can create your own template from scratch. 

Whatever path you choose to take, you can use your own images or choose from the huge library of graphics, fonts, art, and images Simplified makes available to you. 

A few of Simplified's graphic design tools

If you’ve ever used Canva, the process will be very familiar to you. If you have no experience with a graphic design tool like this, don’t worry, it’s a very easy and intuitive process that you’ll easily get used to. There are lots of Simplified tutorials to help you along the way. 

Additionally, Simplified has lots of AI image tools to help you remove backgrounds, crop pictures, and convert images. If you’re having trouble coming up with images, you can also use Simplified’s AI image generator to create unique images. 

Video editing and animation tools

The video editing and animation tools Simplified offers are very similar to their graphic design tool offerings. You can choose from hundreds of video templates and use these templates to create your own personal brand. 

In our opinion, the best thing about Simplified’s video editing tools is that they are very easy to use if you have little or no experience with video editing. 

You can also use AI on your videos to create AI-generated subtitles. 

Social media management tools

Simplified’s social media management tools are perhaps the most basic of what Simplified offers, but we think these tools could still be very useful, especially if you are a part of a large team. 

The social media management tool allows you to link Simplified to your social media accounts. You can then keep track of those accounts with Simplified’s calendar, shared document cloud, planner, and analytics tools. 

Simplified pros and cons


Truly an all-in-one experience

Simplified does the work of several other platforms. For example, you can create and edit images, use AI to write the caption for the image, schedule when you’re going to post the image to your social media account, and finally post that image all in one place. 

Additionally, you and your team can talk, collaborate on projects, and more without having to go to a different site, like Slack. 

Not only can you do that, you can store all your images, templates, videos, and written works in Simplified brands and assets cloud drive. 

Great overall experience for teams content creators

Being able to collaborate and keep all your content in one place makes Simplified the best AI writing tool for teams of content creators we have reviewed so far. 

Huge selection of AI writing tools. 

With so many AI writing tools on the market, there is a huge variance between the amount of templates offered. The best AI writing tools will have a huge amount of useful templates that are easy to use and consistently produce good results. The worst will only have a few lackluster tools. 

Simplified falls into the former category. With over 90 unique templates, a dedicated blog tool, and a ChatGPT-like chat bot, Simplified has a lot to offer in the AI writing department. 

Free plan for individuals

Unlike many of its competitors, Simplified has a free plan for individual users. This plan is fairly limited, but is more than good enough for most people. It is an especially good plan for people who are doing content creation as a side hustle. 

With the free plan, you get access to over 100,000 graphic and video templates. You also get 3,000 words per month with the AI writing tool. 


Design tools are great for content creators…but not much else

As we mentioned earlier on, Simplified’s graphic design templates work similarly to other graphic design programs, like Canva. What’s different about Simplified is that their graphic design tool is really only good for content creators. 

You can create ads, posters, Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, and much more. What you can’t create is brand logos, badges, and other forms of digital art that may be useful for online creators. 

You can create some pretty impressive things with the AI image generator and with the AI editing tools, but the templates themselves could be greatly expanded. 

It’s expensive

We’ll break down how much Simplified costs later on, but for now, we’ll just say that Simplified is expensive. While the free plan is nice, it’s very easy to go over your limits. If you’re working with a team of content creators, the free plan isn’t even an option for you. 

Outside of the free plan, the cheapest option is $30/month. At the other end of the scale, you can pay $125/month (or $1200/year with an annual subscription) for Simplified’s “Growth” plan containing all of its premium features. 

If you plan on mostly taking advantage of Simplified’s AI writing tools, you can get much better bang for your buck elsewhere. Simplified’s most expensive plan only gets you 250,000 words per month. For comparison, there are many sites that give you 500,000 or even unlimited words per month for less. 

How does Simplified work?

Even though Simplified is taking an ambitious approach separating themselves from other AI companies, its AI writing program is very traditional. Like the vast majority of AI writing tools, Simplified uses OpenAI’s GPT-3. 

Even though it’s not an ambitious approach to AI writing, using GPT-3 is beneficial for two reasons. First of all, GPT-3 is the most cutting edge AI writing program on the market right now. Therefore, you’re getting the best when you use Simplified. 

Simplified's blog writing template

The other reason is that GPT-3 is familiar to most AI writing tool users. As a consumer, you will be most familiar with prompt programming GPT-3 compared to other programs. We’ve done many AI writing tool reviews. In our experience, the ones not using GPT-3 can be difficult when prompt programming, so any AI writing tool using GPT-3 is a plus in our book. 

As for the other Simplified features, they are also basic. Simplified’s graphic design and animation tools will be familiar to anyone who’s used other paid tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. Working with the design templates is very similar to other design websites, like Canva. The social media tools are fairly standard as well, but the benefit of using Simplified for this is that everything is all in one place. 

How much does Simplified cost?

As we mentioned earlier, Simplified actually has a free plan. However, this free plan isn’t a great option for full time content creators or for teams of content creators. For those people, Simplified has three plans to choose from. The more expensive the plan, the more features you get access to and the more words per month you can write with the AI writing tools. 

Simplified's pricing

See below for a full price breakdown of Simplified’s Small Team, Business, and Growth plans:


Words per month

Monthly plan pricing
Annual plan pricing (monthly breakdown)
Free Forever3,000$0$0
Small Team25,000$30 per month$288 ($24 per month)
Business50,000$50 per month$480 ($40 per month)
Growth250,000$125 per month$1,200 ($100 per month)

Simplified Languages

Simplified can write and analyze content in over 20 languages. The full list of supported languages includes:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Malay
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Belarusian
  • Bulgarian
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Bangla
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Indonesian
  • Danish
  • Romanian 
  • Hebrew

Simplified Free Trial

Simplified doesn’t have a free trial period. Instead, you can use their Forever Free plan to get a taste of what Simplified has to offer before committing to a Simplified paid plan. 

The Forever Free plan gets you 3,000 words/month with the AI writing tools, 25 AI-generated images, over 100,000 design templates, 1gb of cloud storage, guest collaboration capabilities, a rudimentary video editor, and the ability to link to and manage three social media channels. 

Simplified WordPress Plugin

The Simplified WordPress plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate Simplified’s AI writing tools to your website on WordPress. It works with all WordPress formats and website templates. Additionally, Simplified also has plugins for Google Drive, Shopify, and Dropbox.

Final thoughts

Simplified is a must have for content creators, especially if you’re working as a large team of collaborators. Being able to keep everything all in one site is a game changer that we think will make your team’s collaborations more efficient, which will help you produce better content. 

With that being said, Simplified is very expensive, so we recommend you really think about whether you need everything Simplified has to offer. If you’re only interested in the AI writing tool, the design tools, the video editor, or the social media management tools as individual products, you should look elsewhere for something cheaper. 

Get Simplified
Simplified review: final score

Simplified is a must have for content creators, especially if you’re working as a large team of collaborators. Being able to keep everything all in one site is a game changer that we think will make your team’s collaborations more efficient, which will help you produce better content. With that being said, Simplified is very expensive, so we recommend you really think about whether you need everything Simplified has to offer. If you’re only interested in the AI writing tool, the design tools, the video editor, or the social media management tools as individual products, you should look elsewhere for something cheaper.

Price: From $24 per month

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How much does Simplified  cost?

Simplified offers monthly and annual subscriptions. The cheapest plan costs $24/month and gets you 25,000 words per month. There is a free plan, but it is very limited.

Who would use Simplified?

Simplified has something to offer for everyone, but it will be most useful for teams of collaborators who will use all of the tools offered by Simplified. If you don’t plan on using all the tools, Simplified might not be for you.

Does Simplified use GPT 3?

Yes. All of Simplified’s over 90 AI writing template tools produce content generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3. 

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