Anyword review (20% off promo code inside)

While there are many AI writers out there that focus on creating long-form content, Anyword is geared towards creating short-form marketing material.

It even comes with a Copy Analytics feature that helps marketers determine how well their copy is likely to perform given the written material’s quality and target audience.

Anyword can write blogs as well but is mainly for those who want to create great copy for a variety of marketing platforms.

So, for the marketers out there, we have decided to write an in-depth review on Anyword and whether or not it is worth using. 

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Anyword comes with over 80 different features with the vast majority of them being marketing related.

Notable Features

Prompt—The Prompt feature is one of Anyword’s most versatile tools as it allows you to create any type of short-form copy from a simple or in-depth prompt. This tool is especially useful when you need to create non-standardized copy.

Facebook Ad—Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise on. Anyword’s Facebook Ad feature can help with that by creating copy geared for Facebook and a specific audience.

Google Search Ad—The Google Search Ad feature is very simple to use and even has an “Auto-pilot” tool that will choose the best marketing formula based on the brief you provide.

Outbrain Ad—Those who use Outbrain will be glad to learn that Anyword has a feature that will generate Outbrain headlines meant to drive traffic.

Taboola Ad—Many AI writers lack copywriting tools for some of the lesser-known advertising marketing platforms such as Taboola. But, Anyword does not and has a specific feature made to generate headlines for Taboola users.

Twitter Ad—Twitter is another popular platform to advertise on, and Anyword’s Twitter Ad feature allows you to generate targeted ads for Twitter and a specific audience.

LinkedIn Single Image Ad—LinkedIn is a great place for B2B advertising and Anyword’s LinkedIn Ad feature can help with that.

Pinterest Ad—The Pinterest Ad feature helps create engaging ads for Pinterest based on a brief, target audience, and marketing formula.

Anyword''s Pinterest ad tool.

Landing Page Headline—A great headline grabs attention and “hooks” the reader into what you have to offer. On the other hand, a bad headline can result in fewer conversions. That is one of the reasons why Anyword’s Landing Page Headline is one of their most popular as it generates attention-grabbing headlines.

SEO Meta Description—One of the more important parts of online marketing is having proper SEO (search engine optimization). The SEO Meta Description feature generates a meta description based on the product or service you want to sell.

Instagram Caption—Another popular feature is the Instagram Caption which generates engaging captions for your posts.

YouTube Video Title—An important factor in whether or not a potential viewer clicks on your YouTube video is the title of your video. The YouTube Video Title features help generate interesting titles that are also relevant so that viewers can find your content.

Promotional Email—The Promotional Email tool generates emails that promote a product or event.

Cold Email—Cold emails can be a powerful tool to reach new customers. The Cold Email feature helps with that by focusing on creating convincing emails to potential customers.

Promotional SMS—Texts are a great way to update or convert potential customers. The Promotional SMS feature creates short and engaging copy meant for text.

Content Improver—Sometimes old content just needs to be updated and improved upon for it to be great again. The Content Improver feature can fix grammar and spelling mistakes as well as update word choice. It can even change the tone and target a certain audience.

Talking Points to Paragraph—The Talking Points to Paragraph tool takes a list of talking points and turns it into an engaging paragraph.

Blog Post Topic Ideas—Having a blog can be a great way to bring organic viewers to your site. The Blog Post Topic Ideas feature can help with that by taking a general topic and creating a lot of blog post ideas surrounding that topic.

Blog Wizard—The Blog Wizard will generate a blog based on a description and can also include SEO keywords.

General Product Listing—If you have a lot of product listings, then the General Product Listing feature can be great for generating a quick description of each listing in either a list or paragraph format. 

Other Features

Anyword has many other features that you may find helpful including:

  1. Facebook Ad (Headline)
  2. Improve Existing Facebook Ad (Primary Text)
  3. Google Search Ad (Headline)
  4. Improve Existing Google Search Ad (Headline)
  5. Improve Existing Google Search Ad (Description)
  6. Improve Existing Outbrain Ad
  7. Improve Existing Taboola Ad
  8. Twitter Ad (Headline)
  9. Improve Existing Twitter Ad (Copy)
  10. LinkedIn Single Image Ad (Headline)
  11. Improve Existing LinkedIn Single Image Ad (Intro Text)
  12. Improve Existing LinkedIn Single Image Ad (Headline)
  13. Pinterest Ad (Title)
  14. Improve Existing Pinterest Ad (Description)
  15. Improve Existing Landing Page Headline
  16. Landing Page Subheader
  17. Improve Existing Landing Page Subheader
  18. Landing Page Call to Action
  19. Landing Page Benefits
  20. Landing Page Features
  21. Improve Existing SEO Meta Description
  22. Improve Existing Instagram Caption
  23. Facebook Post
  24. Improve Existing Facebook Post
  25. Tweet
  26. Improve Existing Tweet
  27. LinkedIn Post
  28. Pinterest Pin (Description)
  29. Pinterest Pin (Title)
  30. Improve Existing Pinterest Pin (Description)
  31. Improve Existing Pinterest Pin (Title)
  32. YouTube Video Description
  33. Facebook Article Promotion (Primary Text)
  34. Facebook Article Promotion (Headline)
  35. Outbrain Article Promotion
  36. Taboola Article Promotion
  37. Twitter Article Promotion
  38. Pinterest Article Promotion (Description)
  39. Pinterest Article Promotion (Title)
  40. Quora Answers
  41. General Email
  42. Promotional Email (Subject Line)
  43. Cold Email (Subject Line)
  44. Improve Existing Email Subject Line
  45. Improve Existing Email Body
  46. Improve Existing Promotional SMS
  47. Explain it to a 5th Grader
  48. Sentence Expander
  49. Powerful Bullet Points
  50. Features to Benefits
  51. Value Proposition
  52. Summarizer
  53. Personal Bio
  54. Company Bio
  55. AIDA
  56. PAS
  57. BAB
  58. Engaging Questions
  59. Video Topic Ideas
  60. Amazon Product Listing
  61. Walmart Product Listing
  62. Product Review
  63. Perfect Product Headline
  64. Article/Blog Headline
  65. Website Targeted Messaging

Pros and Cons

Anyword has many pros for marketers but also has some cons:


Simple User Interface—Anyword has a simple and well-laid-out interface which makes it easy to navigate and learn how to use different features.

Copy Analytics—A nice addition to most of Anyword’s marketing tools is the Copy Analytics or Predictive Performance Score. This tool will provide analytics of who the copy will most likely appeal to and rate each piece of generated copy.

Improve Existing Content—A lot of Anyword’s marketing features have an accompanying feature that will improve existing content in that category rather than generate content from scratch. This is a helpful feature when you already have a great copy but just need to update it, change the tone, or target a different audience.

Plenty of Marketing Features—Unlike many other AI writers out there, Anyword has a lot more marketing features that are specifically designed for a certain use whether that be a Facebook Ad or a YouTube title.


Lack of Long-Form Content Features—Other than the Blog Wizard feature, there are no long-form content features. So, those who also need to generate articles, white pages, or another piece of long-form content are out of luck.

Expensive—Even with the least expensive plan, Anyword is still on the expensive side compared to other AI writers with similar features.

Free Trial—While it’s always nice to have a free trial, Anyword’s free trial only includes 2,500 credits which is not a lot if you want to test most of the features.

How Does Anyword Work?

Once you create an account, you’ll be directed to Anyword’s dashboard where you can look through and choose a feature. 

Anyword's dashboard

After choosing a feature, you’ll see your inputs on the left and the generation on the right.

Anyword's Facebook ad tool

Lastly, you can choose to edit, save, and generate similar content. You can also click on the Predictive Performance Score to look at some of the analytics of the copy.

Anyword's predictive performance score


Anyword has a free trial along with three main plans:

  • Free Trial—The Free Trial lasts for seven days and comes with 2,500 credits. During that time, you’ll be able to test out all of Anyword’s features.
  • Starter—The Starter plan comes with 20,000 credits all the way up to 300,000 depending on what you choose with a price range of $29 to $199.
  • Data-Driven—The Data-Driven plan comes with 30,000 credits to unlimited along with performance analytics and some additional tools.
  • Business—For larger businesses, Anyword does offer a custom plan that can come with many additional features and tools like integrations and custom automations (features).


Anyword also has a large “bank” of languages with a lot of the languages having both formal and informal versions:

  1. Bulgarian
  2. Czech
  3. Danish
  4. German (formal)
  5. German (informal)
  6. Greek
  7. English (UK)
  8. English (US)
  9. Spanish (formal)
  10. Spanish (Informal)
  11. Estonian
  12. Finnish
  13. French (formal)
  14. French (informal)
  15. Hungarian Indonesian
  16. Italian (formal)
  17. Italian (informal)
  18. Japanese
  19. Lithuanian
  20. Latvian
  21. Dutch (formal)
  22. Dutch (informal)
  23. Polish (formal)
  24. Polish (informal)
  25. Portuguese (BR) (formal)
  26. Portuguese (BR) (informal)
  27. Portuguese (formal)
  28. Portuguese (informal)
  29. Romanian
  30. Russian (formal)
  31. Russian (informal)
  32. Slovak
  33. Slovenian
  34. Swedish
  35. Thai
  36. Ukrainian
  37. Vietnamese
  38. Chinese

Anyword review: final thoughts

Anyword is a marketing-centric AI writer with one of the most comprehensive sets of AI marketing features. Its copy analytics tool can be great for understanding the audience that the AI is generating content for and getting an idea of how well the copy will perform. Overall, it is safe to say that Anyword is a great tool for those needing to generate a variety of copy. However, it is not the best choice for those who need long-form content.

Price: From $29 per month (billed monthly)

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Cloud

Application Category: BusinessApplication

Editor's Rating:

If you’re interested in trying Anyword, we have a 20% off promo code. Simply enter the code, “Anyword20” and get 20% off on your Anyword plan.

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