The weirdest AI-generated images of all time from Reddit’s /r/weirddalle

These are top posts of all time from Reddit’s /r/weirddalle subreddit, showing how eerily dreamlike the output of AI image generators like DALL-E can be.

Warning: some of these images are offensive. If you feel offended, feel free to input the same prompt into the tool and click the report button when it appears.

Gender reveal 9/11
lofi nuclear war to relax and study to
Exclamation mark over a light gray background
reddit mod touching grass
Karl Marx slimed at Kids Choice Awards
Moai statue giving a TED talk
Osama Bin Laden Funko Pop
stephen hawking in rocket league
Margaret Thatcher meeting Satan
gaming diaper
“Pixar Coronavirus movie”
dashcam footage of a car crashing into shrek
Duolingo trail cam
US patent of Dwayne johnson’s head
mark zuckerberg as a ventriloquist dummy
Among us cave painting
Black and white noir film with moai statue detective smoking a cigarette
Freddie Mercury eating ramen inside a washing machine
Jesus turning water into wine on America’s Got Talent
Fisher Price Guillotine
Hindenburg Disaster in Fortnite
adolf hitler tiktok dance
Archeologists discovering a plastic chair
Elon Musk eating crayons
The Eye of Sauron reading a newspaper
gaming guillotine with rgb
The fabric of reality being ripped
Fire Hydrant takes selfies on top of the Himalaya
The Taliban riding on top of Tow mater with mounted machinegun
A bottle of Ranch Dressing testifying in court
Anakin Skywalker vacuuming the beach to remove sand
YouTuber reacting to 9/11
Neurosurgeons putting ramen inside a man’s head as a joke
1993 Renault Twingo in Skyrim
Selfie of child joyriding in stolen fighter jet
Mozart in Mario Kart
Capybara Patronus
Samuel L. Jackson is elected as the new Pope
Among Us death metal album cover
Cucumber connect four
Horse doing a burnout
Hagrid as American Ninja Warrior contestant
Darth Vader meets pingu
Rug addicts getting busted by the cops
LMFAO On Trial For Murder
J.K. Rowling crying in front of a transgender flag
vaporwave jesus
Spherical giraffe
Plague doctor in Pingu
Spacex launching jesus christ cross
People sitting round the fire on a crowded airplane
Jack Black playing blackjack
The last supper at a strip club
Boris Johnson as a boss in the videogame Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Tardigrade Haribo
Walter White Gigachad
A QR Code That Gives Me Access to the CIA server (Worth a go)
Fisher Price My First Bong
Clone Trooper on Trial for Order 66 crimes while Will Smith defends him.
Mar-a-Lego™️ FBI Raid
Notorious BIG Moai
Disney animated movie starring Kanye West
Disney animated movie starring Kanye West
Disney animated movie starring Kanye West
Disney animated movie starring Kanye West
Disney animated movie starring Kanye West

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