5 cool ways people are using ChatGPT

Here are our favorite cool ways people are using ChatGPT.

Letting ChatGPT plan your vacation 

Instagram user CiCi.In.the.Sky is a flight attendant from the United States. Because of her job, she regularly faced the problem of figuring out what to do while on layovers in places all around the world.

For most of us, layovers are just a few hours at most. For flight attendants, they can be a few days. She thought it would be fun to ask ChatGPT what she should do while on layover.

She published the results of using ChatGPT to tell her where to go in Tampa on Instagram. ChatGPT produced a full itinerary for Cici, which included a really out there suggestion of visiting the Curtis Hixon Park. Cici recorded her video from the park saying she loved it.

I know most people are thinking that you could just Google “what to do in X City?” Sure, this is still a good method to find travel recommendations, but if you’ve used Google recently, you’ll know the first page is often flooded with ads and lots of similar results. 

Using ChatGPT is a fun way to get unique and under-the-radar suggestions that Google might not give you without some serious digging.

The next time you travel, try asking ChatGPT what you should do.

Using ChatGPT to write emails

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that writing emails is cool. Writing emails is almost the opposite of cool. What is cool though is getting AI to write your emails. 

Writing emails is one of the most popular ways people are using AI. This is clear by the number of AI writing tools that have specific email writing tools and templates. You don’t need to use any specific program to get high-quality emails written by AI. ChatGPT will do just fine. 

One notable example of ChatGPT writing an email that we thought was really cool was when the CEO of the web design company Late Checkout Greg Isenberg used ChatGPT to write an email that got his company $109,500.

Isenberg tweeted his experiences using ChatGPT to write a “scary email” to send to a customer who was five months late on a $109,500 payment. ChatGPT wrote an email so good that the client responded in two minutes with a plan to repay Isenberg. 

While we criticized Isenberg for misunderstanding what a lawyer does, what he did is undoubtedly a cool way to use ChatGPT.

Trying to break ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT to write emails is a fairly utilitarian way to use ChatGPT. Our next suggestion for cool things to do with ChatGPT is about as far away from utilitarian as you can get. ChatGPT is an amazing piece of technology, but it’s not perfect, so it can be really fun to mess with. 

The limitations on what ChatGPT will and won’t say is well documented. Some critics say ChatGPT’s limitations are an example of big tech censorship. If you agree with this viewpoint, it’s very fun to try to trick ChatGPT into saying things it shouldn’t say. 

There are some established methods to doing this called jailbreaks. One Reddit user tricked ChatGPT into telling them how to hotwire a car using the “Jedi Mind Trick” method. One of our very own writers convinced ChatGPT to explain how to make meth by telling ChatGPT to pretend to be Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

If you’re looking for more innocent fun, there are lots of other ways you can mess with ChatGPT. One writer asked ChatGPT the meaning of life, which sparked a full-on philosophical discussion between the author and the AI chatbot. 

In our article about whether ChatGPT will replace lawyers, we had fun doing a roleplay exercise with ChatGPT where we played the judge and they were the trial lawyer.

We recommend you have some fun for yourself. Better to do it now before AI gets too smart to be tricked by simple humans like us.

Using ChatGPT to explore your creative side

Not all of us are artistically gifted. Some people can sit down and write poems, songs, screenplays, and jokes with ease, others can be given until the end of time and still not be able to write something worth reading. If you fall into the latter category of people, ChatGPT is here to help. 

With a simple prompt, you can have ChatGPT create anything. Do you want to write a scene for a MASH reboot? What about a rap song about meat or a scene where God instructs you how to remove peanut butter from a VCR? Whatever you need, no matter how silly, ChatGPT can surely help you out. 

While we like the silly stuff, we can’t ignore the other benefits of using ChatGPT to help you write. One Twitter user used ChatGPT to write a letter to their dead father. ChatGPT obviously can’t possibly know the specifics about their father, but what ChatGPT was able to do was help this person put into words some feelings they might not have been able to articulate themselves.

Besides written work, ChatGPT can also help you with making visual art with other AI programs. AI artist Guy Parsons used ChatGPT to help him come up with a prompt he could use to create something with MidJourney. He tweeted his process and results. The results were nothing short of stunning, so this is something we think you should try for yourself.

Making ChatGPT to explain complex topics

Everyone has heard of the saying “explain it to me like I’m five.” Most people also know that humans are actually really bad at explaining things like they are talking to a five-year-old. Thankfully, ChatGPT is much better than humans at explaining complex topics. 

This could be very useful for teachers in the future. For now though, ChatGPT’s ability to explain things easily is very useful for everyday people who want to have an interactive learning experience. 

ChatGPT isn’t just good for when you want to explain something to a five-year-old. It’s also good for having things explained to you in an interesting way. For example, a Reddit user asked ChatGPT to explain steroids like a cowboy would. What resulted is absolutely hilarious but also informative. 

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